lines, cut and head

I think writing cutlines is extremely difficult. You have to say so much in so few words. But you have to tell the reader everything: where, who, when, maybe why or how, and maintain concision and interesting language. I always seem to leave one of those elements out.

I prefer headlines. I have less space, but that makes it easier. I know I need to be brief, and hopefully snappy and clever... but it is okay to leave some elements out. It is easier for me to come up with a two-word quip to draw in interest than to summarize a complex event in thirty words.

Then again, maybe I just *like* headlines better. There is more room to play, and to have fun. I like playing with language.

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  1. One of the least favorite parts of my job as editor at buzz is writing headlines and subheads. It is definitely very challenging for me. Perhaps I'm just not witty enough? This is something to work on this summer...